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Health Counsellor of the Goverment of Cantabria

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the 8th Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia International Scientific Meeting. As you well know, the Cantabrian Health Service has got a specific unit for diagnose and management of HHT located in Hospital Sierrallana, that step by step is consolidating this approach and receives patients not only from Spain but from other countries.

The quality certification of the unit considering the ISO 9001:2000 rule, supports the effort that the multidisciplinary team lead by Dr. Zarrabeitia is performing. The organization of this international meeting is an additional boost and also a challenge that I am sure will reach the end with great success.

My best regards,

Luis María Truan Silva
Health Counsellor


Tourism city councillor of the Townhall of Santander

Dear delegates, professionals and everyone interested on HHT, Santander, a city that shares great medical advances with remarkable touristic attractions, opens the doors of the Magdalena Palace and its premises to host such an important international congress as the 8th Rendu Osler Weber International Scientific meeting represents.

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to our city, I wish you have a pleasant meeting work sessions and you enjoy our modern, opened and cosmopolitan city. With the certainty of a successful result, I wish you the best time in Santander

Gema Igual Ortiz
Tourism and protocol Councilor of Santander Townhall. - President of the Santander Convention Bureau


President of the Spanish HHT Association

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is for me a pleasure to welcome all of you to our next HHT meeting in Santander, on behalf of our Spanish HHT patient 's association.

As involved in the organisation of the next HHT meeting in Santander, we feel highly motivated in preparing a very fruitful workshop, since it is for the health of our families that we are working.

We want to provide the best forum to exchange the latest developments in medicine, research and HHT social diffusion.

I hope this meeting will be also the occassion to enjoy the beautiful Santander landscape, to share our experiences and to learn the improvements in the knowledge and treatments of HHT.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in Santander,

Yours sincerely,

Santiago de la Riva Compadre
President of the Spanish HHT Association



On behalf of the International organizing committee, I would like to welcome you to the 8th International Scientific Conference in Santander, May 27-30, 2009. Our goal is to provide a meeting point for clinicians and basic scientists where participants will have access to the most recent advances in clinical research, therapeutics, and basic research in the field of HHT. I believe that this Conference represents a great opportunity to strengthen the collaborations between clinicians and scientists with the aim of finding better treatments for HHT, and I encourage you to join this exciting event.

Carmelo Bernabeu
Chair Global Research and Medical Advisory Board (GRMAB)
HHT International Foundation Inc.
Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CSIC)
C/ Ramiro de Maeztu 9 - 28040 Madrid


Executive Director HHT Int. Found.

Welcome from the HHT Foundation International

It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 8th International HHT Scientific Conference. The HHT Foundation International is grateful for your participation within the dedicated and internationally renowned HHT community. Your continued scholarship in scientific and clinical research is leading to breakthroughs that benefit over one million people worldwide affected with HHT. We are pleased to support this important conference and wish you a very successful meeting!

Sincerely yours,

Marianne S. Clancy
Executive Director
HHT Foundation International


Conference Host

The Spanish HHT community welcomes you to the 8th Internacional Scientific HHT Conference. It is at the same time a real honour and a great challenge to host this meeting next May 2009 in our city, Santander. Our clinical unit is a young one but we will try to do our best to provide you with a forum to share experiences and advances in clinical practice, basic research and patients´ associations working all together to achieve our common goal which is offering our patients the best attention. We encourage you to give us suggestions to design a complete program trying to fullfill everyone´s expectatives. We sincerely hope you get a successfull experience and enjoy your stay.

Sincerely yours,

Roberto Zarrabeitia Puente
Coordinador Unidad HHT
Hospital Sierrallana (Servicio Cántabro de Salud)
Bº Ganzo s/n 39300 (Torrelavega-Cantabria) Spain.


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