The Magdalena Peninsula is located on the north-east point of the city, at the entrance of the bay. Actually it is one of the biggest parks of the city. The Palace inside was built in 1912 to be offered to the Royal Spanish Family to spend there their summertime. It was given back to the Townhall by King Juan Carlos I as a present to the population of the city. In the last years it has been the scene for many international meetings including European Union Minister´s ones. In summertime it hostes the International Menendez Pelayo Summer University.



By the seaside inside the Peninsula the old buildings used for the servants, cars etc have been rebuilt and prepared to host conferences. The conference will take place in this area. Here we have a big hall called Paraninfo, able to admit 320 people and prepared for simultaneous translation if required. Moreover, there are other three rooms with capacity for 70/50/50 people each to host working specific sessions of small groups. There is a kitchen area for catering, a dining room and an area to host commercial stands.


Santander Convention Bureau

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